Journey Life

14 十月


【降落星球一起創作】- planett





想要一訪星球又不知道如何加入嗎?每個星期三晚上他們會舉辦零食夜晚,吃吃喝喝總是最容易交朋友同時進行各種交流。如果想要一起工作,共同工作室的空間一個月繳交3600元就能夠擁有自由工作的環境和各有專長的交流夥伴,藝術進駐的部分價格則分別是一週3800元和一個月12000元。 星球提供富含創意的自在空間,也不須擔心睡眠居住的休息移動,無論你現在居住在哪個城市、手邊的計畫成行狀態如何,提出申請或許便能在星球遇見最好的創作夥伴。


Planett is a creative space consists of coworking space, design residency and creative projects. Nos started the idea of Planett after graduating from National Cheng Kung University, Industrial Design Department. She views herself as an alien, with numerous creative ideas and always eager to transfer ideas into handmade items. The ultimate goal for Planett is inviting all the aliens gathering together and makes life fun. Yiher met Nos in university, and she moved back to Taipei after graduation. She used to design light, culture products and glasses during the time working in Taipei. After five years of way too steady lifestyle, she tended to lose the passion toward daily life then she brought a creative project to Planett, landed as a cabin management, and now officially lives in Tainan.

Recalled from her memory when she first moved to Tainan in university, she said it was love at first sight. It’s hard to really think about what is a city like when you live there since the day you born, what Tainan made her feel is a city full of soul, you never gets tired when exploring. The distance between people are also differs between Tainan and Taipei. It’s just somehow natural to start a conversation easily in Tainan, people care about others, have interests and not always acting busy.

Her creation project came from the idea when she was a glasses designer, she had to deal with plenty plastic waste every day, she then therefore came up the project with using the recycled bottles and milk box, turning them into the body of glasses. For her, design is not only for beauty and practical, but a way to treat the environment friendly.

Would you like to pay a visit to Planett? Every Wednesday night, they held snack night, welcoming all aliens to share food, beverage and ideas. The entry fee for one person to join their coworking office costs 3600 per month then you can enjoy the cozy environment and people with different talents. And for design residency, the fee will be 3800 per week and 12000 per month. Planett provides creative space and comfortable place, for artists don’t have to worry where to stay after endless creating. And therefore makes the dream of live together, create together come true!

Favorite Food in Tainan: Wonton noodles on Wenhua Rd., Whodou Local Food, Taiwan Fresh Fish Soup
Favorite Tainan Spot: Yue Kwong Island, Alleys around Kaishan Rd.
Favorite Exhibition Place in Tainan: 2 Liang, Neng-sheng-xing Factory