Journey Life

8 1 月

掘旅 X 復古 X 新生 ( Journey x Retro x Newborn )

四十年老鞦韆,等待再次表演 。





40 years old swing, has been waiting to performance again.

The house which Journey hostel is located in was built in 1975, the first owner’s wife, Mrs. Chen set up the swing on the rooftop for meeting the satisfaction of children’s imagination. In 1975, there weren’t smog and sky was incredibly blue. When we saw the building again after all these years, it no longer looked like how it used to be, it was covered by corrosion and the structure were the only thing left.

When it comes to the topic of old house renovation, the very first thoughts tend to be way too romantic, while it is always difficult to find the balance between the thinking and the architectural engineering.

To name some examples, old master’s withered skill of Terrazzo engineering facing the problem of old building’s structure; behind walls and vintage tiles were full of hidden seepage pipelines; hand forged iron window grill have seriously corrosive problem in the commissure with walls, the point was not only to organize the building but also following the law of modern architect, firefighting and health regulations. Every day we are dealing with whether we should rationally upgrade the space to be more comfortable or perceptively keep the beauty track of time.

Before the journey begin, we will share how the renovation was step by step, every decision are being thought and discussed deeply, you may understand how we respect the old building and the environment, but also the high quality of safety and comfort we ask for a living space.

Once the engineering finished, feel free to visit in a sunny day, have a seat on the newborn swing and enjoy the view of 1975.



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