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2 7 月

《南聊》正手咖啡吧/Right Hand Cafe Bar

【散步在台南巷弄】- 正手咖啡吧/Right Hand Cafe Bar






Right Hand Cafe is a cozy to-go cafe bar hidden in a tiny street. The name are inspired by the ‘Hand’s’ imagery both in making and drinking coffee. Julio has shared with us that for him, the most fascinated part of Tainan, are the surprises which being hidden in the tiny streets. When it comes to describe the personality of Tainan, Julio would say it is a very old-fashioned city mixed with some chaos, also a little bit dreaming.

The main spirit of Right Hand Cafe Bar is they are 100% supporting independent art work. There are plenty incredible work displayed and sell in the cafe bar such as poetry and zines. For people who want to taste nice coffee and have something much more than physically, Right Hand Cafe bar is ready for you.

Favorite Tainan Food: Hong Kong-style stinky tofu in the intersection of Minzu Rd. and Wanchang St., Pig’s trotter over rice in Nanmen Rd., Eight treasure shaved ice.

Favorite Tainan Spot: Wu Garden.

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