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29 7 月

《南聊》 台南-秘氏咖啡

【想跟你做不只一分鐘的朋友】- 台南-秘氏咖啡








Tainan Chamber Cafe located on the second floor of Yongle Market, a historical market filled with venders selling delicious food. Whenever you planning to visit Tainan Chamber Cafe, you are easily get lost in the dark and tiny way, just when you come up the idea of giving up, you will find the place with stylish light and decoration.

The first Chamber Cafe opened in Taipei, the decoration concept is the film ‘In the Mood for Love’, while Tainan Chamber Cafe is from ‘Days of Being Wild’ both directed by Wong Kar-Wai. The owner Xiaoyi admires Hong Kong’s pop culture and film since he was in junior high, when he discovered the place, he felt it’s suitable to add Hong Kong atmosphere in this space. They are opening Chamber Cafe in Chiayi soon, and the concept will be based on films of Ozu Yasujirō, they wish to create 1950 Japanese atmosphere there.

Tainan Chamber Cafe only sells hand drip coffee, hoping to popularize more people to know how to taste exquisite coffee.When we talked about the situation of tourism now in Tainan, Xiaoyi thinks it may be better if people not only buying fancy but plastic product, but get much close to Tianan in more cultural or historical way.

Favorite Spot in Tainan: Yue Kwong Island, best place for sunset watching.

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