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5 8 月


【腳踩花鞋遊古城】- 年繡花鞋




The owner Mr. Lee learned the skill of making embroidered shoes from Shandong masters when he was young. He opened the store in 1980s. Nien embroidered shoes shop located in Zhongzheng Rd, the area was bustling with all kinds shops and tourists. Their business time was from 7:00 to 24:00, every day were fulfilled.

Mr. Lee interests in Fine Arts and illustration, visiting bookstore is his favorite hobby in his free time. Though nowadays less and less people wearing embroidered shoes, most of them wear for religion or performance use. Mr. Lee still keep the price as before, hoping this beautiful traditional could last as longer as possible.

Mr. Lee has traveled to many countries these years. For him, the most fascinated part of traveling is when you experience the culture in other country, you somehow become a different living. He visited Istanbul last month, and he is planning backpacking to Peru soon, after soaking in various culture, the inspiration appears in the embroidered shoes.

Favorite Tainan Spot: Sea in Anping

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