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26 8 月


【有皮革的柔軟更有木作的溫暖】- 沃木&好皮工作室






【Wowood/good.s】represents two different brands, including Mimi’s wooden furniture design and Ella’s leather design. They opened their studio in 2012, the space now consists of shop, studio and classroom. Ella was in painting class when she was in high school, particularly specialize in oil painting. Recalling from her memory, she was not good at team work and always want to do something alone. She used splash-styled sketch panting for the university entrance exam, which is a unique and uncommon way. She moved to Tainan since then, she didn’t fall in love with the city immediately, but luckily she got friends supporting her all the time, time flies so fast that she has lived in Tainan over 12 years, and just gave a birth to her baby.

After graduated from university, Ella tried to do many kinds of jobs while she couldn’t really devoted herself, he even once thought she could never create anything. Luckily, Ella has a close relationship with her younger sister, one day; her sister showed Ella her leather creation which she just learned. Ella was so surprised that leather could be so different no matter when you dying them or the way you use, she was so fascinated and fell in love with leather right after then.

The first time Ella showed her leather creation to public was at Color of Tainan market, she was so confident that she thought she would sell all the products she brought that day, but when the market ended, she didn’t sell any of them. Ella didn’t waste any time being depressed, she just kept doing her leather creation with all her hearts, that’s why we can see all the beautiful and delicate leather and wooden art work from Wowood/good.s.

Besides making her own leather creation, it is also important for Ella to promote and introduce leather to more people not only by selling but also teaching. Therefore, Ella holds different themes of leather classes, no matter you are people knows leather pretty well, or just want to give yourself a hand-made souvenir, come to Wowood/good.s, then you will find what you want.

Favorite Tainan Food: Pot Burn Chicken Noodles from any venders in Tainan!

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