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16 9 月

《南聊》夏夫小農蔬食舖 Shafarm

【安心吃飯,好好生活】- 夏夫小農蔬食舖 Shafarm







Jorief & Shaser were hair designers based in Taipei. Two years ago, they decided to visit Australia by working holiday. That journey has changed their thoughts toward life, and built the idea of opening Shafarm. Recalling from their memory, the place where they lived in Australia was a scene of desolation. The city was filled with sky, red soil and aboriginal. They worked in a restaurant of gas station by high way, they spent their time in the balcony reading books and looking at the sky after work every day. Everything slow down and all the feelings were pure and direct.

Jorief enjoyed cooking before she visited Australia, but the convenience of Taiwan kept her only familiar with several cuisines. During the time in Australia, lacking of the diverse of ingredients and surrounding by unfamiliar flavor, under this circumstances, she improved her cooking skill a lot. Shafarm’s famous product, chilly oil was invented when they were in Australia. On the other hand, Shaser serves hand-made desserts on every weekend now in Sharfarm, for her, the progress of making desserts are somehow connected to finding her true self. Within the flavor is full of her blessing.

They lived in Taipei after came back from Australia for a short time. Both the flavor of food and crowd of the city made them feel uncomfortable. Shaser started to think about whether people could have different lifestyle but we only lived once, Jorief sharing that she observed the people in Australia cherish every moment and make every day worth. Then they both agree to make some difference.

You can now purchase fresh egg and milk from eco-friendly farm in Sharfarm, also other eco-friendly daily living products. For them, these items are what they use every day, by displaying and promoting, if more and more people are willing to purchase them, it will make good impact toward the society. Many people who had dined in Sharfarm were surprised they actually ate some ingredients they usually don’t eat, Sharfarm emphasizes the importance of invisible ingredients, they are hoping everyone who had dined in their restaurant could start to cook by themselves, care more about every products they purchase, notice everything relates to one another, they believe this and will make huge difference when everyone really care.

Jorief’s recommendation of restaurant in Tainan: Forest Meal, Wood Burger Shop.
Shaser’s desserts recommendation: Prime, Oh les Feuilles. (Both are studios and only open for reservation)

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