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30 9 月

《南聊》 OOuuu\兩眼一起

【從不只是一間文具店!】- OOuuu\兩眼一起









OOuuu Studio moved from Xinmei St. to Kaishan Rd. this year in May, was first opened on Datong Rd. in Nov, 2012. Umar and Wenwen thought they were opening a design studio in the beginning, but since the place had huge window that people was often being attracted by the things they have inside, more and more people want to take a closer look so they officially made the place half opened as a shop, while also kept the studio for themselves.

OOuuu wasn’t a real name for the studio, it was pattern which Wenwen painted on the paper then Umar thought it looked interesting and it became the name of the studio naturally. It is somehow difficult for people to pronounce or memorize a place only within English name, Umar therefore use character u and o to Google, therefore comes the Chinese name of the place which literally means ‘between two eyes ’ and used in Medical.

After moved to Kaishan Rd., Umar and Wenwen divided tableware selling on the second floor and named the place ‘Between two meals’ which came from similar concept as ‘between two eyes’. Besides tableware, they also offer foods and desserts which are suitable to have when you crave for something between two meals, delicious but not too much.

Umar said he wasn’t a fan of stationery before he opened OOuuu, all he cared about was whether the thing he’s using is practical. Three main countries which produce stationery nowadays are Japan, USA and Germany. Umar prefers stationery from West Germany Period, he finds that stationery from West Germany often have nice balance between the creativity and functional. Unlike Umar, for Wenwen the design and color would be the priority when selecting. Umar thinks it matters not only to sell stationery but also introduce the story and history behind it. Therefore, it is always interesting to see the detailed information of stationery on their facebook fanpage and when shopping in their store.

OOuuu Studio is never just a stationery store, all the products are selected by Umar and Wenwen in a way to make everyone’s living in a better way. The way how they display and decorate the place shows the perfect example what they think shall be the best. If you are also full of imagination toward living, always interested in trying new things, OOuuu can always bring you surprises every time you visit.

When the studio is closed, Umar prefer going to place not too crowded, such as: Planetarium in Yujing, Long-Chi

For dining he also prefers places not too famous for tourists like: No.5 Tree House, A Little Veg

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