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25 11 月


【部落會指引你回家的路】- 甘愿交益所







Kam-guan started in October in 2015, originally was an unused space of Zd Books. The space is now organized by Kedrekedr maljaljaves, and she cooperated with the bookstore after an exhibition introducing the culture of aboriginal. Through running the space of Kam-guan, they are trying to set up a space for aboriginal from many tribes, provide chances for people to learn the aesthetics, story and culture.

Qadves moved to Tainan studying design in university, she still lived in this city after graduated. The people here have been nice to her, and she likes the distance here to sea is not too far. She spent a year visiting Australia and observed how they preserved aboriginal culture. Qadves didn’t grow up in her tribe in her childhood, she tends to keep ask herself who she is and where she belongs to these year when she sort of like in a process of finding and identifying her true self. She went to Taitung learning the skill making azure stone after coming back from Australia. She met Kedrekedr maljaljaves there and joined the team after she knew the concept of Kam-guan. Qadves devoted herself in promoting aboriginal culture. She no longer wandering when can she go back home, she know she will, of course go back home when the time is right.

In Qadves’s memory, it’s common to see mother and grandmother making hand-made items since she was a kid. For them, hand-made items are a way shows how life is. People nowadays easily forget they we can do lots things by hands. For them, they are used to do labor things every day, access to the natural is a must, be kind to every living, then means a good life.

This December, Kam-guan is going to published their book which introducing the stories, patterns and history of all tribes. They are wishing to invite more tribe into the platform, to record the history, to strengthen the present, and looking forward for the future.

Cozy places with beverage or food recommendation: South Thirteen, Stammtisch, Café Flâneur
Relaxing route recommendation: Dacheng Rd., Police Village


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