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10 2 月

《南聊》海馬迴 光畫館

【屬於這個世代的影像紀錄】- 海馬迴 光畫館
受訪人:李旭彬 Hsu-Pin Lee





Hsu-Pin Lee, founder of Fotoaura Institute of Photography was born in Sengnong Street. His grandfather was selling hand-made fish ball in market, playing around the tiny, historical street are his childhood memory. During the time, he had experienced the markets faded, how prosperous China Town was and the destroyed of Haian Rd. Recalled from his memory, Tainan is a city with numerous developments while still keeps quiet personality. Majored in engineering in university, he spent most of his free time in social movement events, though he decided to choose a steady work after graduation, during the time he still helped in publisher and some NGO organization. It was in 2000 he met his first photographer teacher, Hsiao Hsia Pan, There weren’t Taiwan regular photographer lessons in Taiwan so Hsu-Pin decided to go abroad studying, and he went to New York, San Francisco and Florence.

Fotoaura Institute of Photography not only holds exhibitions and events, they also have photography lessons for any background or level. Classes being divided two categories, one emphasizes image creation, the other one provides both film and digital darkroom and mainly focuses on skills. Hsu-Pin has taught photography for many years, he observed the generation differences through his students by questions they question each time, made him think there is real possibility for next generation to make some change.

Speaks of Tainan’s tourism development, Hsu-Pin thinks what really matters is how local people keep their lifestyle and personality. If the only reason for people come visit a place is for the spots, over-developed tourism will therefore harm the city. To find the specialty and to identify owns value, to be aware of invisible value in daily life, to be responsible for every choice and purchases, the best way to describe his hometown will be both gentle and modern.

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