Journey Life

8 7 月







Lao Qiu grocery shop located in Shengli Rd., the owner now Xiao Qiu is the senior of the founder. They started the grocery shop selling inner pot, now they sell over 10,000 products. The neighborhood around and students from Cheng Kung University always descried ‘Lao Qiu’ as a shop that sells everything.

Xiao Qiu has lived in Tainan over forty years, he identifies Tainan as a warm grandfather to everyone, people are friendly and care about others here. He likes to ride scooter to explore the city, and he fascinates the delicious food. For him, the current situation of Tainan is well-developed both in transportation and tourism.

Favorite Tainan Food: Marinated ground pork with rice, Bowl rice cake, Rice dumpling.

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