Journey Life

22 7 月

《南聊》 台南 珍古書坊

【愛樂人和書迷的交流地】- 台南 珍古書坊




Jen Good second-hand book & stereo store has opened for 13 years. The owner, Mr. Hsu has collected CDs since he was in junior high school. He enjoys almost all kinds of music; he is willing to share his experience in both music and stereo, so people who are interested don’t hesitate to visit Jen Good. What made Mr. and Mrs. Hsu decided to open Jen Good is they believe the advantage of living simple. Mrs. Hsu thinks reading is the best way to communicate, so she comes up with an idea that people shouldn’t replace television with bookshelf in living room. Televisions are one-way tunnel to communicate, people who watch it just receive information non-stop without thinking. Interior design could become revolution, if people read more, the society may change.

Favorite Tainan Spot: Qigu in winter with Black-faced Spoonbill and Salt Mountain landsacape, also there are plenty cheap and fresh seafood.

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