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19 8 月

《南聊》 Ho-Yo Space & HO-YO Cookies

【空間的關係和甜點同樣迷人】- Ho-Yo Space& HO-YO Cookies

受訪人:Chi Sheng Wu

台南藝術大學造形所畢業後決定留在台南的Chi Sheng,唸書時偏愛用複合媒材做各種類型的創作,大學時因為喜歡吃餅乾就去了間美國人開的餅乾店打工,因為想一直吃到好吃的餅乾,決心要學會製作好吃的甜點。2013年第一次在色之古市集登場賣自己做的甜點,總是很多朋友捧場的他,從來都不想要只是自己埋頭創作、或者賣甜點,在南藝念書的時光,Chi Sheng發覺身邊同為年輕一代的藝術家,極度缺乏被外界看見的機會,因此觸發他想要創辦複合式展覽空間的想法,自給自足外,更給了新銳創作者更多被看見的機會。除了創辦並維持HOYO的運作,Chi Sheng還自掏腰包辦了「吼唷之星」,讓沒有個展經驗的藝術家投稿,獲選的人將可以得到一萬元的創作經費,並且將作品展覽。

Ho-Yo Space和HO-YO Cookies分別是展場空間和販售餅乾及甜點的咖啡空間,Chi Sheng認為對他來說希望兩個空間能夠互相引誘因為不同理由來到這裡的人,現在的空間原先和隔壁是同一戶,第一天進駐時Chi Sheng便決定拆掉天花板,打造出寬闊的氛圍,無論人們是想看展或只想找個地方坐下吃喝,都歡迎來HOYO,這裡是台南開最晚的甜點店,吃了會讓你覺得:吼唷!怎麼這麼好吃啦!


Graduated from Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts in Tainan University of Arts, Chi Sheng used to use any kind of material for creating. He worked in a cookie shop when he was in university, only because he wanted to know how to make good cookies. His debut hand-made cookies selling were in 2013, at Color of Tainan market, which is a famous event held in Tainan. When he was in university, he somehow noticed young artists of his generation rarely get chance to display their art work and show them in public. This situation made him decided to create a space, providing young artists more chances being ‘seen’. Besides organizing and keeping both Ho-Yo Space and Ho-YO Cookies well developing, Chi Sheng recently sponsored NT10,000 for artists who haven’t held exhibition before to program one in Ho-Yo Space.

Ho-Yo Space and Ho-YO Cookies are two spaces with different personality without any boundary. Whoever craves for a piece of cookie or willing to have an amazing visual explosion, HOYO welcomes you. The building you visit now was used to be all together with the neighborhood, first day when Chi Sheng started HOYO, he decided to destroy the ceiling and make the space much more wide. Ho- YO Cookies are now being nicknamed as the latest desserts place in Tainan, (open till 24:00), and they insists providing nice dessert and hold exhibitions with unique characteristic.

Tainan Food when Ho-Yo is closed, Chi Sheng would like to have: Noodles vender without name on Dayong Rd., Beef Soup in the intersection of Jinhua Rd. and Xinxing Rd.

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