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9 9 月

《南聊》White do 白做研究所

【生活的各種可能,除了更美、還要更好】-White do 白做研究所








Woyi was born in Tainan and left the city when she was in university. After four years of living outside Tainan, Woyi came back for studying design in graduate school. During the graduate school time, Woyi had a teacher from Hong Kong and made some friends from Hong Kong due to teacher’s introducing, including Joel &Jan. After graduated, Woyi went working in Guangdong, China, she was completed unsatisfied with both the working situation and living environment. So, she visited Joel &Jan in Hong Kong many times when she took days off, the idea of opening a brand/shop together became emerging. When Woyi moved back to Taiwan, she then started looking for the location to open a shop, while she made fabric accessories both selling online and in weekend market, and that’s the time when ‘White do’ started. The spirit of ‘White do’ shall be, we rather die for what we love, instead of die for nothing.

Woyi said three of them are all fascinated about clothes and living aesthetics. Woyi says she learned how to select products after teenagers’ crazy shopping period which only cared about prices. Even most Taiwanese nowadays still keep the myth of label and price, what White do trying to do is providing good-looking and nice-using products.

Woyi lived near Tainan airport when she was a kid. She views Tainan as a city full of possibilities, and the city keeps changing and renovating. Take Hayashi Department Store for an example, recalled from Woyi’s childhood, the place was all in ruins like where Leslie Cheung lived when he turned old in the famous film ‘Rouge’. It’s hard to imagine the place will turn into a famous spot before it was renovated.

In the coming Mid-Autumn festival vacation this year, The Southern Yard, an organization, invited over ten shops in Tainan, including White do, holding a market event for helping stray animals. Even Hong Kong is a place pretty hard for everyone to have enough space to live in, Joel &Jan still keeps eight cats at home. For them, animals are important living and people should try our best treat them better.

White Do’s Tainan Indie Brand/ Place recommendation: H’AND HERB Life, Wang Xi Shi Fruit Cookies.

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