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Hakataya film library was founded in 1998. The owner, Mr. Huang was born in Pintung and moved to Tainan after he finished his army service. He was ordinary an art film lover, but he tended to open a film library which can introduce all kinds’ film to Taiwanese audience. Three main category of film in Hakataya film library are Family entertainment, Films with issues (Politics, Philosophy, Economic, Education, etc.) and Art Films (Master films, Independent Films and Film festival selection).

Mr. Huang likes to observe every client’s preference of films. After opened Hakataya film library for almost twenty years, he has obtained the skill of imagine how a film is by its poster, dvd cover or any detailed information. He tends to understand every client’s habits and become friends naturally. It’s not a surprise most people like to watch films in their free time, but it’s also important for people to get a chance get to know each other, we need company and friendship as well.

After watching many films since he was young, Mr.Huang thinks that there is not a single film not worth watching, every pieces can be recommend if you keep an open mind. For those who don’t know what to watch but somehow tend to find some direction, Mr.Huang would therefore introduce films based on theme, actors, directors or issues.

Facebook Fanpage of Hakataya film library is organized by students of Cheng Kong University and Fu Jen University Film club. Mr.Huang has devoted himself in popularizing art film in south Taiwan. Although nowadays people can easily access to any motion pictures online, we still need a film library just in your neighborhood, to let us remember the connection between people, and understand how lucky we are to have so many amazing film.

Snack recommendation of Tainan: Yongkang peanut brittle
Spots recommendation of Tainan: Tomb site of Zheng Chenggong in Yongkang, Yang Kui Memorial Museum, Ou Wei Memorial Museum, Xinhua Old Street

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