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2 12 月

《南聊》 Lego hair studio/黃打

【髮色表現台南生活態度】- Lego hair studio/黃打


大學讀視傳的黃打,對於辦公室面對電腦、修圖作業的生活感到乏味,因緣際會下接觸到造型設計這塊,經過三年的助理磨練,從洗髮、吹髮、協助店務開始學習,到現在已建立起自己髮型設計美學的黃打,在2015年12月加入Lego hair studio。





Juno majored in visual design in university. After working in the office several years she found she dislike the daily life in front of computer doing design projects and by chanced she get to know hair design then decided to devote herself in it. After three years tough training as an assistant, she now has already set up her own unique hair design style which is very remarkable. She joined Lego Hair in December in 2015.

Juno has lived in Tainan since she was born and haven’t think of moving to other places. She enjoys the atmosphere of living in this historical and relaxing city. In her opinion, she thinks for real local Tainan people, it’s common to accept shops or restaurants close very early or have day off without notice, cuz life not only for making a living but also the way how you live your life, which is an important thing everyone should discover.

As Tainan always filled with tourists no matter on weekdays or weekends, her favorite Tainan food are all in her neighborhood which she has dined in for years. Drink shop Bog which is an old brand is also one of her favorite. For Spot recommendation, she likes to go to Yue Kwong Island on weekdays, any small cafeteria or restaurant can spend whole day long doing nothing but relaxing which is her so-called casual hobby.

Most of her clients are with short hairs and have preference dyeing hair. Recently she likes to try smoky styled for her clients. If you are looking for a new style but you don’t have particular idea, Juno will patently design one for you and meets your satisfaction. Besides the work in Lego, Juno also cooperated with local clothes brand
Oqliq. Recently, she also cooperated with many shops in Tainan sharing their Tainan living experience for Gogoro’s commercial.

Food for working recommendation: Mariage Freres Tea Place (Close to Lego hair), Chicken Rice on Chinien Rd.
Food after work recommendation: Hot pot and BBQ on Shaling Rd., Qiao Wei Fried Chicken, Ma Hua Zhong Ching Hot Pot

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