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9 12 月


【提供心意滿滿的每杯飲料】- 櫻桃菓子







Cherry Tea house located pretty close to Journey Hostel, which it’s a familiar drink shop to students study in Cheng Kong University and Tainan First High School. They sells various options of tea and the most popular choices are Earl Tea and British Flavor Milk Tea. The name of the shop came from owner’s wife, Mrs. Wong, the visual design is made by Mr. Wang’s brother, and they want to set up a bright, stylish drink shop selling drinks with all their hearts.

Besides the time Mr. Wang served in the army in Taipei, he has lived in Tainan since he was a kid. He was doing sales work after finished army for six years and decided to run his own business when he turned to 26.In the beginning, he was selling drinks as a stand at his mother’s hometown, Dawan. He spent three months testing all the materials and flavor and then started to find the location for his shop. In the past, there once was a time that there were over 30 locations based in Tainan, Chiayi and Kaohsiung.

Recalls from his memory when he was in Taipei, he was surprised that most people he met in Taipei were very unfamiliar with the city. In his opinion, no matter people in Tainan still have different options for transportation, people tends to be much close to the land than people live in Taipei.

About Tainan’s tourism development, Mr. Wang thinks for local Tainan people, they would refuse to spend time lining up for delicious food, cuz there always are too much choices for them. For young people of this generation, they tend to have the habits of following new-open brand and shop. Mr. Wang keeps having the sensitivity of how the market is, so he will therefore buy the famous products when there is less people line up (just for trying the real taste ), and this is the secret how Cherry Tea Shop can keep providing nice products to their customers for over 16 years. Mr. Wang also shares his old-time hobby in Tainan are grabbing crabs at Sicao, feel the beauty mountain landscape of Xinhua or Yuching. If you once get a chance to visit Xinhua, don’t miss the chance to taste the yummy mutton on the way to the mountain.

Tainan Food recommendation: Eel noodles on Fuqian Rd., Rice cake on Minzu Rd., Shaved ice on Guohua St., A-tian Papaya Milk

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