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3 2 月

《南聊》 叭噗家

【發揮台南的好客精神,朋友帶你出去玩】- 叭噗家
受訪人:叭噗 Babu





According to his friendly and talkative personality, Babu had this nickname when he was in the university. After two tears working experience in Taipei, he decided to move back and worked in his hometown, Tainan. It was in 2011, tourism in Tainan wasn’t popular as how it is now, many of his friends came visit him and asked him some local tourist spots. The idea of Babu Tainan also came from a friend that suggested him should make ‘indie tour guide’ as a career, and he started in 2015 August, providing airport pick-up, spots tour guide, schedule planning and car driving services.

For Babu, when people come to Tainan means visiting his home. All the places he visits by himself to set up the best schedule before taking guests to. He spends most of his free time taking walk in tiny street and enjoys how people’s connection in here. When he takes guests touring around, he takes pictures for them with all kind of styles, and chooses from one of the pictures to print out as a postcard, giving as a present when the journey ends. Also an essay to record all the places they’ve been together.

First foreigner group guests Babu met were from Hong Kong, they are a lovely family which the son and daughter would like to have all the schedules decided by their parents. The way they interact with each other were really intimate, which Babu shared the story with his family, and had a good feedback after the experience. Babu now provides service in both Mandarin and English, next time when you plan to visit Tainan, maybe it will be a good choice to make a new friend!

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